Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pinafore Pullover and Tea's Ribbon Cardi by Rosie Neira has inspired me to try knitting

Today I went for my first lessons in knitting. Not easy to remember all of the steps to knit. However, you can tell if you practice you tell this will be a little easier to remember the steps. Casting on then knit stitching.Trying to make a scarf. We shall see?

The instructor has us using a circular bamboo knitting needles, #10 USA needles, with heavy weight yarn.

Selected a pretty yarn of many different varying colors of blues. However, this has fuzz which makes it a little hard to see if you made your stitches.

I then decided to go buy anther set of needles and some additional yarn to try that does not have fuzz in the yarn. However this is a heavy yarn.

That is all for now until next Saturday.


Inspiration started with the sweaters, (I have a long way to go) Photos of  Anthropologie's Pinafore Pullover and Tea's Ribbon Cardi by Rosie Neira below:

photos are the property of Anthropologie.


  1. Rosie call me! YOU NUT!

  2. I'll Shoot your line any Time! How did you get lost? same # P