Sunday, November 13, 2011

Snow boots at Target for $35.99

This buy was practical and unpractical. Bought the boots because they are cute.

Women's C9 by Champion® Natausha Fur Trimmed Lace Up Winter Boots - Black
Great buy for me I bought the boots on sale for $35.99, no longer available on sale. Still available online now for $44.99.

I bought the boot socks wool $8 woman, pink. I hate the feet being cold.

Anthropologie Umbered Houndstooth Coat compared to Target Coat

While at Target recently I found a coat that looked a lot like a Anthropologie Umbered Houndstooth Coat, $298.

Coat at Target by Merona cost comparison is $69.00. 
The coat material looks more like the material of the Houndstooth, you cannot tell this from the photo by Target. The collar is detachable for the coat at Target. The problem with the coat at Target the pockets do not open up, which is sad (everyone loves pockets and does not want fake pockets). The coat at Target is light weight. Not for heavy winter wear, for our colder weather in the Midwest.
However, The coat is cuter than the photo shows and additional colors available at Target, gold and black. The Target I tried the coat on did not have the black, available online.