Friday, December 4, 2015

Project Runway Junior 3rd episode

Project Runway Junior 3rd episode

They had the group projects (the button bag)
Two groups.

1940's selected--I really like the Red Maxi dress the winner Bridget and the 2nd winner Zach with the Peplum Jacket with Cigarette Pants.
The red dress was the winner and will be made into a pattern with Simplicity.
I thought maybe the pattern would already be in the book. Sad to say I did not find it yet.

A video from project Runway with the red dress.

They made you watch an ad first.
 Project runway junior 3rd

Cydwoq Sandals -my first pair

Cydwoq---The first pair of sandals
from this company

Made in the USA
The shoes are comfortable and stylish
Found second hand

John Fluevog shoes boots that I have been lucky to buy

John Fluevog shoes/boots

Some of my other finds of

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Project Junior 2nd show

(2) The unconventional challenge. I always love this challenge.

Project Runway Junior designers really impressive.

Which one to choose? The cute outfit that won?

Tire mats for the car, who thought tire mats would work? Designers first name Zachary.
The second, third and fourth I was not surprised were still in.
1st place

This is the 2nd place, fun sleeves.

3rd place
Project Runway Junior last week.

1st episode.

Samantha won #1.


The other winning looks
Maya's jumpsuit.

Jaxson's outfit, this designer is from Kansas.... Nice to see a designer from Kansas. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I could not locate this video on Youtube yet. So I provided a link, another video that shows this inspiration for Valentino's designers for the new Collection.

Meet Valentino’s Accidental “Mascot”

found this video by accident today. Valentino Haute Collection the designer were inspired by the eagle. Beautiful collection.

I found this video by accident today. Valentino Haute Collection the designer were inspired by the eagle. Beautiful collection.


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Excited to see that Project Runway starts next month, August 6th!!
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