Thursday, December 9, 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010

children's book

Hi Everyone,

A friend illustrated a children book.

Released on October 30th in Connecticut.  The book is in independent books stores and will be in Borders Books soon enough, it's also up on my friend's  website at

The book is dedicated to her cousin, Cullen Dwyer of Massachusetts, who is a traumatic brain injury survivor. A portion of the profits from the sale of this book will benefit the Brain Injury Association of America.

If you could check her site out and the book. 

Jordan Village
by Robin G. Maillett
illustrated by LeeAnn Graham
This story for children is about a fruit tree, named Brie, that grows along the ground instead of upright and grows in the yard of a gentle, old woman named Rosie. Jordan is a young squirrel whose front paw did not fully develop and makes his home in the den of the fruit tree because he can not climb. Squire Screech Owl watches over Jordan and keeps Jordan safe from predators. But everything is not cozy in Rosie's backyard...Brie is often made fun of by the tall oaks, towering maples and weeping willows; things soon change, however, when a hurricane hits Jordan Village and no one, not man nor beast, ever makes fun of Brie or Jordan again.

Thank you,

Polly Plain

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rutledge Sweatercoat, Field Scout skirt @ Anthropologie

I tried this sweater coat, size SM and then a M. Loved the coat except the weird thing in the back.
Had flaps stick out, made me feel like a lizard. The front had deep pockets. Everything was great except the back of the sweater.

Field scout skirt
I could wear the skirt size 2, my size ranges from the 2 to 4.
Skirt was just ok, did not take home. 

Review of Bellerby Skirt

I tried on the Bellerby skirt last Friday. It was the best skirt I tried on. I have a pear shape figure. I wear 4 or 2's. The size 4 worked best. Cute and flirty, great for boots. style #18930743, On sale now for @49.95. @

Review: Formally Layered Cardigan

Tried this sweater on more than once. Could not decide. Could ware size Small, and or Medium. I usually check medium and small to see which fits better. I wear a 2 or a 4 in tops.

 I could wear the small, thought the Medium was a little more comfortable.

only $39.95 on sale  @

Review of Violet Gloaming Dress

Violet Gloaming Dress
by Moulinette Soeurs
Size 4

I tried on the Violet Gloaming Dress and was not that impressed. Pretty color- otherwise did not really flatter my figure. I went back and tried the size 2, and thought better of the dress. You might want to size down with this dress.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Grosgrain Dress Review

My last visit - I forgot I tried on the Grosgrain Dress, older ? One happened to be @ the store, size 4. However, it was too large for me. I normally wear size 4 or 2 depending on the style. I would assume someone returned this to the store in KC. I thought the dress did not suit me - it was dressy which would be ok. However, this limits the places you could wear the dress. Also thought the dress was sitting up high and seemed to girlish for me.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Traced Twirls Dress -

Traced Twirls Dress -

I tried on the zero today. I thought I would not fit into the dress, I was wrong.
I did not buy the dress even though the dress was on sale. $79 or so online.

The dress was a little tight around the top, however, not for sure my bust is large enough for the size I normally wear.? (still a dress to consider) Also a little loose in the straps for me-

Tried on several skirts not to impressed today.

Tried on the steamer trunk skirt price now @ $49.95 - very form fitting (tried on the size 4) My size varies on fit. Usually wear 2 or 4. However, if I was serious about this skirt ? I would try a size up. to a 6. I was not interested in the skirt.
style #18909903

I tried on the Mindful skirt, @ $19.99 it was the best of the skirts I tried on today, size 2. Was not in love with the skirt- full and short.

I do not know the name of the other skirts, they are no longer online.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Campaign for Anthropologie shoes @ The Country Club Plaza, Kansas City, MO

Not quite for sure if any fellow followers of the Kansas City store would like to help campaign for shoes @ our store. I tried to find fellow followers in KC, Mo- Kansas. Did not locate any fellow followers yet..... I did send a request to the customer service @ If you are interested in helping with this Campaign let me know. Thanks - Polly

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thought I would add a photo of the KC store

Anthropologie @ the Country Club Plaza

 photo from the Country Club Plaza web site.

This is the top I bought for $19.99 @ the Country Club, Plaza store in KC, MO

Odille On The Dot Blouse Top Size 2 -- my review after wearing the top. The Buttons are spaced further away than normal. 2 buttons are close together, then a bigger space than normal between buttons, might sew a snap further down in the blouse.

Still love the top! Comfortable and cute.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Review : forgot I tried on the Impressionist's Dream Dress

 My review of this dress: Did not find the dress attractive on me. However, the reviews on Anthropologie site are good.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Obsessing over Anthropologie

The clothes obsession with everything Anthropologie.

My first visit to the store this weekend, 9-26-10 @ the Country Club Plaza Store, in Kansas City, Missouri. (This is while the Plaza Art Fair event was going. Tried the Thai Chicken Pizza (What a great burst of flavors)!!

I found this clothing line online and finally visited the store. This store does not carry shoes......

I Found two bargains, pants and a shirt. However, they are not listed on the online site.

Review: Excited to try on the Doubly Adorned Dress. However, the size 6 was the smallest size and it slid off me. I knew this most likely would be too large. Would still like to try on the correct size.
on sale online and the store. style #18821017
$69.95...was $148.00

Review: Also, tried on the Dreamy Drape Dress style #030000
$79.95...was $158.00.

However, The Dreamy Drape Dress was not something I would take home, not to impressed.