Friday, October 22, 2010

Traced Twirls Dress -

Traced Twirls Dress -

I tried on the zero today. I thought I would not fit into the dress, I was wrong.
I did not buy the dress even though the dress was on sale. $79 or so online.

The dress was a little tight around the top, however, not for sure my bust is large enough for the size I normally wear.? (still a dress to consider) Also a little loose in the straps for me-

Tried on several skirts not to impressed today.

Tried on the steamer trunk skirt price now @ $49.95 - very form fitting (tried on the size 4) My size varies on fit. Usually wear 2 or 4. However, if I was serious about this skirt ? I would try a size up. to a 6. I was not interested in the skirt.
style #18909903

I tried on the Mindful skirt, @ $19.99 it was the best of the skirts I tried on today, size 2. Was not in love with the skirt- full and short.

I do not know the name of the other skirts, they are no longer online.

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