Saturday, March 26, 2011

Anthropologie New Display windows

Great artistic display with paper, hangers @ The Anthropologie on the Plaza, Kansas City, Missouri. I took the photos after visiting the store.What we can do with paper and wire hangers. 3/2011

Review of Wisteria Halter Dress

Wisteria Halter Dress





Dress is really large, need to size down 1 to 2 sizes. However, the dress has vibrant colors.

I tried on the size 2, way too large. The saleswoman obtained a size 0 for me. Still too large. Maybe I would buy the dress deeply discounted or on ebay, would need to make the dress smaller for me.

I would suggest trying the dress on if you plan on buying.
Price, $148.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Inspired knitting due to Anthropologie- 3rd class

Knitting 3rd class

I  now know how to 1.cast on, 2.knit stitch and the 3.purl stitch, and 4.cast off.

Sometimes you can become lost with losing stitches, and it is hard to remember how to go back and do one type of stitch after you using another stitch.
Before I went to class, I did a swatch with a cast on, then a knit stitch and then a purl stitch (then a knit then a purl stitch) and I kept switching back and forth between the stitches. In the class then the Instructor taught me how to cast off the swatch.
Also found out how to measure the stitches, etc.
The instructor will try to show me how to pick up lost stitches next class. This will be the last class unless I keep taking additional classes the instructor might offer. Most likley I will keep taking classes for now.

Until my short 4 week course of Italian classes start.

That is all for now.

 Did see the Target Ad. They will re-introduce the designers dresses on March 13th. Selling the dresses for a short time.