Thursday, October 23, 2014

Final Night for project runway

Winner Sean Kelly

Favorite dress  fringe and orange.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Project Runway Designer Kini

Project Runway, Another  Interesting Dress form Kini

Called the Umbrella Dress

Project Runway Designer Kini wow what a Dress

Another outfit from Project Runway
Designer Kini

Project Runway the hot Red Dress!

Still watching Project Runway--close to the end of the show.

Some really great dresses.

Kini-my favorite designer

This dress is hot!!

Amanda Valentine
Looks better than the photo shows. I thought I would like to have this dress.

John Fluevog -tights to try with my John Fluevog shoes and boots

I will need to try the tights like these with my John Fluevog.

John Fluevog Sweet Peas Mini Pumps with bow

John Pink Sweet Peas Mini pumps with bow. Bought off Ebay.

John Fluevog Pink Pump with ties

John Fluevog Pink Pump, ties around the ankle. Bought off Ebay.

John Fluevog Zaza Mini Pumps

A pair of pumps from John Fluevog. This pair of shoes fit looser than the other John Fluevog pumps.
Zaza Mini Pumps. Bought new off Ebay.

John Fluevog Inspired Geisha sandals

I was waiting to buy a pair of John Fluevog shoes that I had found on Ebay.
Finally the pair became available in my size.

Vintage John FLUEVOG Japanese inspired Geisha. A little loose fitting.

John Fluevog White Go Go boots

Bought John Fluevog white boots off Ebay. Will need to clean them up.
I have found that I need to buy a  shoe size up at least 1/2 to 1 size up usually for the boots.

So I have to admit to loving and craving more John Fluevog Fellowship boots and cute shoes

JOHN FLUEVOG Fellowships Black Leather Knee High Boots I bought these off Ebay.