Saturday, February 26, 2011

Inspired knitting due to Anthropologie- 2nd class

2nd day of knitting class. This class went much better than the first class. Using circular bamboo needles, USA #10. Bulky yarn, went and bought different yarn still bulky yarn However, not fuzzy yarn (this was making it hard to see the stitches).And dark yarn also makes it hard to see your stitches, using white yarn this time.
I started again, figured out how to cast on and then the knit stitch my myself. Next class will start with a sample and practice the purl stitch and casting off.

I will try to post my start progress so far. My mother and I, we our taking the class together. Which is also a nice way of spending time with my mother and we are being productive. I also enjoyed the talking (spending time with other women in the class)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Anthropologie Cherry Drops Corset spotted on Vampire Diaries

Seen on 2-23-2011, Wednesday. Vampire Diaries.
photo property of Anthropologie

review update of shoes Frugal shoe shopping comparison

I have noticed that some shoes make a good comparison to Anthropologie shoes.
Designer shoes by Payless -compared to Anthropologie.

Stacked Window Wedges - $458.00
compared to Loreto Wedge $49.99, and Bolivar Wedge $49.99
Lela Rose for Payless
Big Price difference.
Photos copyright of Anthropologie and  Payless, Lela Rose

2-26-2011, review of payless wedge Bolivar Window and Loreto Wedge.  The shoes are so narrow that I went up to a size 11. Of course I really need a wide with. So if you have narrow feet the shoes will work for you. The shoes are cute, cute will not for me (too narrow) and my feet are too wide.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pinafore Pullover and Tea's Ribbon Cardi by Rosie Neira has inspired me to try knitting

Today I went for my first lessons in knitting. Not easy to remember all of the steps to knit. However, you can tell if you practice you tell this will be a little easier to remember the steps. Casting on then knit stitching.Trying to make a scarf. We shall see?

The instructor has us using a circular bamboo knitting needles, #10 USA needles, with heavy weight yarn.

Selected a pretty yarn of many different varying colors of blues. However, this has fuzz which makes it a little hard to see if you made your stitches.

I then decided to go buy anther set of needles and some additional yarn to try that does not have fuzz in the yarn. However this is a heavy yarn.

That is all for now until next Saturday.


Inspiration started with the sweaters, (I have a long way to go) Photos of  Anthropologie's Pinafore Pullover and Tea's Ribbon Cardi by Rosie Neira below:

photos are the property of Anthropologie.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Vintage Tracy Reese

What I wore to work on Thursday, took the photos while out shopping.
Dress Tracy Reese size 4 a little large in the top of the dress, bought off ebay- details of stitching full skirt and tie in the front. price  $21.50.

Bought shoes at payless," Kimberly Mary Jane Pump" by Lower East Side in black. 9 1/2 wide, size 9 might be better, payless was out of the size 9. Tried the shoes on with my outfits. $19.99 for the shoes (wide width), had the tights.
Sweater from Jc Penny's had the sweater already. Price $19.99.
photo by payless.

Review of clog boots from Payless, and sweater dress from JC Penny- I decided to wear the out on Friday to work.

I try to be frugal, and I have wide feet size 9 to 10.

The new clog boots "Mavrick Cozy Clog Boot", I bought from payless are a great deal on sale. Cheaper in the store than  online by a few dollars. Around $23.99 for the shoes (some of shoes are on sale now).

Dress JC Penney's $17.99 petite's medium -went with the medium as I am a pear shape, and did not want to wear anything for the hips/thigh area.
(received a $10.00 offer from the store and bought a pair of shoes flats for $11.00 not pictured here)
Had tights already.