Saturday, February 26, 2011

Inspired knitting due to Anthropologie- 2nd class

2nd day of knitting class. This class went much better than the first class. Using circular bamboo needles, USA #10. Bulky yarn, went and bought different yarn still bulky yarn However, not fuzzy yarn (this was making it hard to see the stitches).And dark yarn also makes it hard to see your stitches, using white yarn this time.
I started again, figured out how to cast on and then the knit stitch my myself. Next class will start with a sample and practice the purl stitch and casting off.

I will try to post my start progress so far. My mother and I, we our taking the class together. Which is also a nice way of spending time with my mother and we are being productive. I also enjoyed the talking (spending time with other women in the class)

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