Thursday, February 24, 2011

review update of shoes Frugal shoe shopping comparison

I have noticed that some shoes make a good comparison to Anthropologie shoes.
Designer shoes by Payless -compared to Anthropologie.

Stacked Window Wedges - $458.00
compared to Loreto Wedge $49.99, and Bolivar Wedge $49.99
Lela Rose for Payless
Big Price difference.
Photos copyright of Anthropologie and  Payless, Lela Rose

2-26-2011, review of payless wedge Bolivar Window and Loreto Wedge.  The shoes are so narrow that I went up to a size 11. Of course I really need a wide with. So if you have narrow feet the shoes will work for you. The shoes are cute, cute will not for me (too narrow) and my feet are too wide.

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